May Birthstone - Emerald

About the May Emerald Birthstone

The stunning rich green of the May Birthstone is often associated with good fortune and youth, believed to grant the wearer good luck by manifesting huge gifts of fortune and health. 

Victorians believed wearing emeralds offered protection and encouraged friendships, bringing peace, calm and inspiration to relationships. 

Why wear birthstone jewellery? It’s believed that wearing your birthstone is the ultimate good luck charm! It also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, or a lovely treat for yourself.

May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley 

Lily of the Valley is a symbol of chastity and humility. The flower has many religious connotations, namely being a symbol purity for Greek goddesses and the Virgin Mary. It’s also believed that Lily of the Valley was once used as a charm to guard against the spells of witches. 

May babies’ horoscope sign is Taurus or Gemini

Taurus is an Earth Sign. Earth signs tend to be grounded unlike the fiery Aries. Taureans can be gentle but fierce, much like their celestial spirit animal the bull. Their laid back, stubborn behaviour may come across as lazy, but deep down they are more analytical than they’re credited with, meaning their conclusions are thorough and rock solid. Tenacious and hard-headed, you only need to look at the famous Taureans to get an idea of the classic personality traits: Queen Elizabeth II, Cher and Adele to name a few.

Gemini is an Air Sign. Air signs are fair minded and practical, they can come across as cold and unfeeling – but they’re not, they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve and keep emotions private. A May Gemini and a June Gemini have very different traits. All Geminis tend to be talkative and witty and, as a mutable Air Sign, they are much more comfortable with changes in their life. The May Gemini tends to be more flexible, better at multi-tasking and super social. There is never a dull moment with a Gemini around, whether they were born in May or June. Famous Geminis include Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp and Naomi Campbell.

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