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June Birthstones - Pearl & Light Amethyst

June Birthstones - Pearl & Light Amethyst

About June Birthstones

Pearls are the only birthstone to be formed from a living animal. Their round shape and simple beauty mean that pearls are often associated with the moon and feminine energy. Pearls are believed to attract good luck and, like most gems, they are believed to have healing properties that can ward off evil energies.

Light Amethyst holds similar hues to moonstone, which is another June birthstone. Light amethyst has a lighter pink hue, which encourages connections of love with others and oneself. It also has the power to calm the mind, leading to peaceful, centred awareness. 

Why wear birthstone jewellery? It’s believed that wearing your birthstone is the ultimate good luck charm! It also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, or a lovely treat for yourself.

June Birth Flower: Rose

The Rose has many symbols, the ancient Greeks associate the rose with being the eternal symbol of love, beauty and balance, making it the perfect flower to welcome the summer season.

June babies’ horoscope sign in Gemini or Cancer

Gemini is an Air Sign. Air signs are fair minded and practical, they can come across as cold and unfeeling – but they’re not, they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve and keep emotions private. A May Gemini and a June Gemini have very different traits. All Geminis tend to be talkative and witty and, as a mutable Air Sign, they are much more comfortable with changes in their life. The May Gemini tends to be more flexible, better at multi-tasking and super social. There is never a dull moment with a Gemini around, whether they were born in May or June.

Cancer is a Water Sign. Water signs are sensitive and highly intuitive, making them full of emotion and in tune with their feelings. They make loving partners and are truly artistic and compassionate. It’s no surprise Cancerians are true to their elemental signs in that they are loving and kind. In return they command your undivided attention but don’t be fooled, they are ruled by the Moon and connected to moon phases, meaning they can get ‘crabby’ at times. Famous kind and caring Cancerians include Princess Diana and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai.

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