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April Birthstone - Crystal

April Birthstone - Crystal

About the April Crystal Birthstone

Traditionally the birthstone for April is diamond and crystal quartz, the most precious in the world. Thought to give the wearer better relationships and inner strength, crystal is also known to be a master healer.

Crystal quartz can contain the whole light spectrum of colours, allowing it to amplify positive thoughts and energy and bringing clarity to a troubled mind.

Why wear birthstone jewellery? It’s believed that wearing your birthstone is the ultimate good luck charm! It also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, or a lovely treat for yourself.

April Birth Flower: Daisy

The daisy is a symbol of new beginnings, warmth and joy. In Norse mythology it is known as the sacred flower of love, beauty and fertility, and was a popular gift for new mothers.

April babies’ horoscope sign is Aries or Taurus

Aries is a fire sign. Fire signs are, well, fiery. Astrologers believe each sign learns from the one before. Being the first sign in the zodiac, Aries lead with a blind optimism and an inspiring determination. Aries are the passionate truth tellers of the zodiac with their ambition driving them to be assertive, allowing their creativity to truly flow. Famous Aries include Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo da Vinci.

Taurus is an Earth Sign. Earth signs tend to be grounded unlike the fiery Aries. Taureans can be gentle but fierce, much like their celestial spirit animal the bull. Their laid back, stubborn behaviour may come across as lazy, but deep down they are more analytical than they’re credited with, meaning their conclusions are thorough and rock solid. Tenacious and hard-headed, you only need to look at the famous Taureans to get an idea of the classic personality traits: Queen Elizabeth II, Cher and Adele to name a few.

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