JOY by Corrine Smith: Disability Committed and Living Wage Employer

We are proud to announce JOY by Corrine Smith is an accredited Disability Committed Employer and a Living Wage Employer.

Being a Disability Confident Employer is a huge milestone in our journey of inclusivity in the workplace. It’s not just a badge; it’s a demonstration of our dedication to create a JOYful workplace where everyone feels valued.

The scheme reaffirms our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all employees. It’s important to us to embrace diversity whilst ensuring everyone has an accessible and accommodating place of work. A place where they feel supported and happy to show up every day.

Our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace extends beyond equal opportunities – we want to ensure a fair wage for our employees. As a Living Wage Employer, we know just how important it is to pay a wage that reflects the cost of living in the UK. We strongly believe all employees should earn a wage that allows them to fulfil the basic needs of their families whilst enjoying a decent standard of living. 

The Real Living Wage is supported by brands such as IKEA, Aviva, OXFAM and Burberry to name a few, and is calculated annually by the Resolution Foundation.

We adhere to the Living Wage Foundation’s standards by supporting our employees and their families through financial stability and reducing income equality. The Living Wage is not to be confused with Minimum Wage set by the government. The Real Living Wage is a voluntary minimum pay level set by the Independent Living Wage Foundation.

Our achievements aren’t just milestones, they are an important part of our brands core values. We believe that spreading JOY, valuing quality and integrity whilst bringing passion and creativity creates a workplace worthy of these accreditations.

We hope our achievements highlight our commitment to building a workplace where diversity can be celebrated, equality upheld, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive as we continue to endeavour for excellence in everything we do.

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