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August Birthstone - Peridot

August Birthstone - Peridot

About the August Birthstone

August Peridot is believed to bring good health and peace to relationships by balancing the mind of the wearer. Peridot is a healer, the key to its healing is how it cleanses and repels negative feelings and exhaustion, replacing those thoughts with encouraging kindness and understanding. 

Peridot originates from the Greek word ‘peridona’ meaning "giving plenty."

Why wear birthstone jewellery? It’s believed that wearing your birthstone is the ultimate good luck charm! It also makes a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, or a lovely treat for yourself.

August Birth Flower: Poppy

The Poppy represents strength and integrity and is widely used as a symbol of remembrance and hope for a peaceful future.

August babies’ horoscope sign in Leo or Virgo.

Leo is a Fire sign. Fire signs are generally fiery with a daring and creative edge. Leos are typically confident born leaders and are comfortable being the centre of attention. Always full of life, Leo likes to have what they want, when they want it, meaning they don’t easily follow rules. Fiery Leo is ruled by the Sun, the literal giver of life that never goes into retrograde. Famous Leos that ‘take charge’ include Madonna, Barack Obama and Kylie Jenner.

Virgo is an Earth sign. Earth signs are grounded compared to the fiery Leo. Virgos are logical and practical in their approach to life and tend to have high standards which can appear uptight, but with Mercury as the ruling planet, they have a lighter side to their personality. Above all else, Virgos are kind, gentle and supportive friends and partners. Famous Virgos include Keanu Reeves, Zendaya and Beyonce to name a few!

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